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401(k) Solutions

Titus Wealth Management offers a wide range of 401(k) plans to meet the growing needs of small and midsize businesses. A 401(k) plan can be one of the best tools for working toward a secure retirement for employees. Now, more than ever, 401(k) retirement plans are being offered in place of defined benefit plans. Our plans are low in cost and affordable to any company looking to provide their employees with long term retirement needs with no hidden charges. We incorporate our systematic Strategic Wealth Management platforms as a cornerstone for each plan.

The Department of Labor looks toward plan sponsors to come up with their own “prudent process” to manage risk. A plan sponsor has three major factors to consider. The first is to select appropriate investment alternatives. The second is to continually monitor these alternatives for continued suitability. The third is to comply with ERISA section 404(c).

As experienced 401(k) advisors we recognize the growing risks which companies face today in offering a 401(k) plan to their employees. Our advice is designed to educate plan sponsors in how to create and implement a process to manage their fiduciary liabilities. In short, our goal is to help plan sponsors craft a plan of excellence for themselves and their employees, whether considering a new plan or changing an existing one.

In the “Learning Section” is additional information on saving in your 401(k) including an interactive calculator made available to each employee as a self-help tool.