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Portfolio Builder, Updating And Rebalancing 

Our portfolio analyst reviews market trends to be able to identify and capitalize on potential current and future opportunities.

Income And Cash Flow Planning

A new generations of our clients are redefining the meaning and purpose of retirement and one of their greatest concerns is the possibility of outliving their resources.

Education Planning

Education is becoming increasingly more expensive and starting at an early age to save for higher education now can save you money later.

Elder Care Planning

As your Financial Advisor, our responsibility is not only to assist you in accumulating assets, but to make sure we have taken the necessary steps to protect those assets.

Legacy Planning

One of the most elusive subjects for clients is the subject of Philanthropy. Where do I start? What are my goals? When will I give? What will I give? How much should I give, and to what causes?

Family Philanthropy

We understand how important this is and can guide your family toward the education of teaching children how to help others by giving their time and to hone their special talent and kindness to make a difference in the world at an early age.

Social Responsible Investing

Social responsibility varies from person to person. For some it may be investing in companies that invest in alternative energy, sustainability or the environment. For others it could mean not investing in tobacco companies, or oil companies, or maybe defense contractors. And yet for others it may mean equal opportunity for minorities and women.

401(k) Solutions

Titus Wealth Management offers a wide range of 401(k) plans to meet the growing needs of small and midsize businesses.

Tax Planning Strategies

Investors pay taxes on distributions that are in the form of net investment income or realized gains regardless of whether or not they reinvest them. A tax-managed strategy seeks to limit the amount of taxable events in a client's portfolio - thereby minimizing the tax impact for investors.

Estate Planning

Most clients know that at some stage of their life they will face the idea that they will need to provide an estate for their children, a charity or various other causes to distribute their wealth once they have passed on.

Health Insurance Solutions

Selecting health care insurance is seen as “overwhelming” and “frustrating,” even “scary” by a majority of clients. 74% want to discuss health insurance with their advisors. Our clients are seeking a mix of strategies. At Titus Wealth Management we are giving them solutions.