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Due Diligence

One important facet that makes Titus Wealth Management as unique as our clients is the due diligence process we incorporate here. The hallmark of our due diligence is the selection of appropriate investment strategies that will best help us implement the needs of each of our clients.

Our inside portfolio analyst, and the principals continuously review all investment selections and products we recommend for each of our clients. We often incorporate the services of outside money managers, including institutional managers to deliver the diversified investment strategies our clients require and expect. We build, and monitor each of the seven major portfolios we offer, and make changes to each one based upon market trends, and economic dynamics that occur across the marketplace. By doing this we are able to offer streamlined portfolios that are competitive and affordable to you. We also pay particular close attention to tax efficiency in a rising tax environment. Careful research and product selection are the building blocks of sound portfolio management.

We employ a similar research process regarding annuity and life insurance programs, because we will only recommend to our clients those programs that we feel offer the best value for a client’s individual needs.

And if our client is looking for a CPA or an estate attorney – key members of the team – we can recommend a short list of professionals whose services we have found to be reliable and who deliver the high level of expertise that our clients deserve. We do not receive any referral fees for this service, and we never pay referral fees when attorneys and CPAs recommend their clients to us. It’s simply another measure of due diligence that we provide to our clients.