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Estate Planning

Most clients know that at some stage of their life they will face the idea that they will need to provide an estate for their children, a charity or various other causes to distribute their wealth once they have passed on.

This process can be a delicate one at any age. The conversation on how to accomplish this with our clients can at first be confusing. What is a Trust? … a Will? How will my estate be administered once either one or both of us are gone. How do I handle special needs for a child? What happens to me should I become incapacitated? What will happen to my business should something happen to me? How do I provide my heirs the most from my estate without more of it going to pay taxes? And how do I prevent my estate from shrinking due to those taxes? What happens when I inherit from someone else?

Each of these questions and many more make it important to seek the legal advice of an estate attorney. We have been referring clients and working with our attorneys for more than ten years and have witnessed first-hand how the work they have performed has made the transition of wealth from one generation to another a seamless one.

The wealth you have accumulated over your lifetime or throughout the generations passed down from previous loved ones is important to protect. At Titus Wealth Management ensuring that future generations continue to receive the benefits of your estate is a serious and essential component of each of our client’s financial plan and goals.