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Family Philanthropy

It has been said that 60% of the inherited wealth in this country is gone by the end of the second generation.* Most families instinctively know this and worry that the next generation will cause their hard-earned wealth to disappear in a short period of time. These client concerns have led to a growing demand for financial advisors to help families have better conversations about money and philanthropy. We can help you and your family manage these crises and for your legacy to live on for future generations.

We understand how important this is and can guide your family toward the education of teaching children how to help others by giving their time and to hone their special talent and kindness to make a difference in the world at an early age. We also have innovative and creative tools to help guide children toward becoming more responsible about managing money.

*Beating the Midas Curse, by Perry Cochell and Rodney Zeeb.