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Health Insurance Solutions

Financial inter-dependence among families is becoming a looming challenge, with 63% of clients expecting to provide financial assistance to an adult family member.* Health care is the number one financial worry for retirement. Clients give themselves poor grades for having and or planning for health insurance in retirement (C-), ability to pay for out-of-pocket medical costs (D+) and having sufficient long-term care coverage (D-).

Selecting health care insurance is seen as “overwhelming” and “frustrating,” even “scary” by a majority of clients. 74% want to discuss health insurance with their advisors.  Our clients are seeking a mix of strategies.  At Titus Wealth Management we are giving them solutions. We work with companies that are well known and offer competitive rates. Clients want someone they can come to who can understand and explain health insurance and provide the solutions they need today in order to live vibrant and healthier lives.

*Source -, Money Pulse Survey, February 18, 2015