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How We Are Compensated

Our goal is to be your financial guide - to sit on the same side of the table as you. If you benefit, we benefit. If you have setbacks, so should we.

With this mindset, we have structured most of our fees to be asset-based. These fees are based on the amount of money you have entrusted with us, as well as, what investments may be particular to your portfolio. A fee schedule is provided at the time a written proposal is presented or upon request.

The asset management proposals may recommend investments that are sold by prospectus. In those cases, our firm often does not charge a management fee to the client, but is compensated directly by the investment company via a fee that is internal to the cost of the investment (12b-1 fees may apply).

Regardless of the investment programs designed and recommended to a particular client, we monitor performance regularly, and any discussion of investment returns are always presented net of fees to the client. After all, it is what you receive that matters most.