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Legacy Planning

One of the most elusive subjects for clients is the subject of Philanthropy. Where do I start? What are my goals? When will I give? What will I give? How much should I give, and to what causes?

Legacy Planning is established by donors as part of their estate planning. Typically, all or part of the donor’s estate is left as a bequest to a charitable fund or particular foundation. The fund becomes a vehicle for accomplishing the donor’s charitable wishes after they pass on. Donors may also choose an option to support a foundation, giving unrestricted access of funding to be determined by a Board of Trustees and staff, and can give latitude over the years to direct those funds as the evolution of need changes.

Assets such as cash, securities, real estate, and personal property are frequently the more popular items attractive to charitable organizations, and allow for attractive tax deductions. Other assets such as retirement plans and life insurance also offer either partial or full donor tax deductions.

As philanthropic advisors, the answer to the vast spectrum of solutions rests with the diverse personality of each individual and family. From legacy planning to family philanthropy, Titus Wealth Management is with you every step of the way to ensure that your charitable giving is effective and personally satisfying. Whether you are donating to a religious organization, setting up a scholarship fund or donating to your old alma mater, we design a plan along with our referred estate attorneys to recommend an approach that works best for you.

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